Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Where I'm Holding

My psycho sister and I went out to Central Park last Sunday morning. We did a few 'hill repeats' in the northern section of the park and then did three laps (a total of 21 miles). Again, there was a major race going on, this time a half marathon, which slowed us down somewhat. Nevertheless, because we started so early, it was manageable.

I was surprised by how strong I felt in light of the fact that I've hardly been on my bike and I've only recently begun spinning seriously after a winter of relative hibernation. I guess it helps that I am extremely light, my weight down to a high-school-level 128.

My sister was also strong but did not ride as well as I did. I think her tires were under-inflated which can have a surprisingly significant negative impact. She is also just starting out and it was the first time she did a longish ride on her new bike. There is no doubt in my mind that she will be an animal when it comes time for the Alyn ride.

I was supposed to do the Montauk Century this Sunday but I bagged it because our son is playing in an All Star hockey game. I am very grateful that he is so good because I was not looking forward to the ride. The ride itself is fine but the post-ride logistics are horrible. You have to take a train almost 100 miles from the finish back to the starting point, wait for your bike to be trucked and then drive back home.

Instead, my sister and I are going to do 45 miles in an organized ride next week in Fairfield County, Connecticut. This should be a good early season test for both of us but especially her. I am hopeful that there are some serious hills there because it's time to start doing some real hill training (the hills in Central Park are a joke compared to the hills we will face in Israel).

This morning, I davened vasikin and was on my bike at 6:10 a.m. I rode out (alone) to Lido Beach and back, a ride that took 1:22. The headwind on the way back was brutal but all in all it was a pleasant ride. Showered and off to work on my regular train!

With a little less tha six months to go before the ride I think I'm 'holding' in a good place.

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